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To make contact with Unkobon easier for you as a consumer, there are now contacts in most barios. You can tell them your story if you have a signal / complaint / problem as a consumer. This can be done by telephone or in a personal conversation. The contact person will pass on your complaint/problem to Unkobon, who will then assist you in handling it.

Below you will find the contact person in your bario:

If your bario is not listed, you can always choose another one
and of course you can also register yourself as the contact person for your bario.

Antriol Pariba/Pabou

Lydia Duijn
+599 795 9429

Playa Pabou

Mini Kroon
+599 7861075 / +599 717 4084

Nikiboko Zuid

Jose Capella
+599 7967742


Frederique van der Steen
+599 700 0790


Liesbeth de Jong-Sakko
+599 782 3615


Artie de Vries
+599 701 0212 / +599 717 7972

Playa Pariba

Mevris Dissel
+599 786 8881 / +599 717 3015


Eric Booi
+599 796 7346

Nikiboko Noord

Marianne Grutters
+599 795 0902 / +599 717 3703


If you have any important questions or suggestions after viewing our website please send us an e-mail message. Do you have an urgent question? Please feel free to contact us by phone during office hours, need technical support ? Click here.

+599 782 1009


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