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Need help with a dispute?
The consumer desk is there for you!

What is the consumer desk

Consumers who have problems with local businesses or with the government are being helped individually on their way through our (digital) consumer counter. Think of problems with warranty on purchased products, with (local) taxes, with closing of electricity or water, etc. Here you can get information about your rights, give you individual advice and help with complicated problems, and if necessary we refer you to the competent authority.

Who is the consumer desk for?

The consumer desk is there for all consumers on Bonaire.
Consumers who need individual help and are members of Unkobon get this help for free, not members will be asked a small contribution.

Your opinion is important

Although the work of the Federation is carried out almost entirely by volunteers, professional action is one of the main pillars on which consumer interests are pursued.

We would like to hear whether you have any suggestions or remarks regarding our approach, our service or anything else you would like to lose. We think your opinion is very important. To improve the advocacy and to adapt to your wishes. Thank you very much for your opinion.

Sample letters

Write a company or (government) organisation a letter or e-mail with your complaint and then give the recipient a reasonable period within which the problem must be solved, 3 weeks is often reasonable. You can use our sample letters for this.
Download one of the sample letters:
Download one of the sample letters:

We regret that the sample letters of the Dutch Consumentenbond are no longer available.

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