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If a flight is canceled by an airline – for whatever reason – and therefore does not go through, customers must be offered the choice between a refund or (a voucher for) another flight. This also applies if the customer has purchased a so-called “non-refundable” ticket. Failure to continue flights due to Covid restrictions is part of the airline’s business risk and should therefore not be passed on to the customer. And that makes sense; after all, the customer paid for a flight and did not receive it.

EZ-Air does not comply with this legal obligation, even after the insistence of Unkobon. This company has shown itself to be particularly unfriendly to the customer by stubbornly refusing to give money back for canceled “non-refundable” tickets and even deducting a fine for “refundable” tickets if a refund is made.

Apparently EZ-Air is considering that its customers will not go to court for smaller amounts. Unkobon thinks this is scandalous. The consumer association does not rule out that other airlines also refuse to refund their customers on Bonaire for flights that have been canceled in connection with Covid. Unkobon therefore starts an action calling on victims to report to the union.

Call to action

Report the Unkobon if your flight was canceled by an airline and you were not given the choice to get your money back or the airline has refused to refund your money.

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