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Would you like to contribute ideas on the strategic direction of the consumer association Unkobon? Then register now as a member of our Member Parliament!

The Union Council is looking for motivated people who can help Unkobon make the choices that will help the consumer on Bonaire. You can apply for the Union Council when you:

  • Have been a member of Unkobon for at least 1 consecutive year on 1 November 2020
  • Are interested in consumer affairs and you feel involved in social developments.
  • Can invest time and energy in your work as a member of the Union Council at least twice a year.
  • Know other members who will support your candidacy if requested.

Unkobon is an association that is independent of ideology or political colour. Members of the Island Council, the Executive Council and board members of political parties and organisations cannot become members of the Union Council.

Unkobon’s Organizing Committee (OC) prepares the Union Council election. The deadline for application is 23 October 2020

Stand for election as a Member of the Union Council. Please send your application before 23 October 2020 to or Unkobon, P.O. Box 226, Bonaire.

Mention your:

membership number of Unkobon

  • name and address details
  • date of birth and gender
  • telephone and e-mail address
  • background (optionally add your CV)

Pay attention! By registering as a candidate, you agree to the statement and consent below.

Statement: When elected as a member of the Union Council, the undersigned declares that there are no facts and/or circumstances concerning him or her which, should they become known, would harm Unkobon.

Consent: By applying for Union Council membership, I authorize the Unkobon Organization Committee to use my personal data (including my CV) for the election process.

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