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Three supermarktes drop out at price comparator

Only 12 supermarkets participate in the price comparator of the month of December. Where earlier this year the owner of supermarkets Zhung Kong and Dragon City announced that they will no longer participate in the price comparison, the owners of Famoso and Jia Xing/Xu Sheng have cancelled their cooperation for December.

The monthly price comparator shows in a transparent way which supermarkets are the cheapest for a basket of 67 products. It makes consumers more price conscious. Supermarkets that don’t participate anymore, disadvantage the price awareness of their customers.

Most supermarkets have now included cheaper house brands for products from the basket, in addition to expensive brands. At these supermarkets, customers can choose whether to spend, for example, more than $3 per liter on an A-brand detergent, or whether they prefer to buy a private label for $1.60 per liter. Private labels are of good quality, but cheaper because no expensive advertising campaigns are spent on them.  

Ultimately, it is up to the customer to choose at which supermarket the groceries are done. The supermarkets that participate in the price comparison give their customers openness about the prices.


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