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Top 4 Price Comparison April 2019 stays same

The Price Comparison of April 2019 shows no change in the top 4 ranked supermarkets with the lowest index, compared to the month before. Of the 15 supermarkets that participate in the Price Comparison, Warehouse Bonaire and Wing Cheung Supermarket are once more the two supermarkets with on average the lowest prices, followed closely by Jia Xing Supermarket and Karibe Nobo Supermarket. Fruteria Union, Van den Tweel Supermarket and Xu Sheng Supermarket share fifth place with an index of 97, all three.


The Price Comparison Bonaire looks for the lowest priced articles of each product at the 15 participating supermarkets. It is possible, that the consumer can also find higher priced varieties of the 60 included products sold at these stores. Furthermore, prices and stock inventory vary regularly. Consumers can save money by shopping consciously and paying careful attention to prices.


Fresh products show the most price fluctuation, which is normal. This month we see a notable increase in the relative prices of plantains and limes. Last month most stores did not have plantains, probably due to problems with import from Venezuela. While in April several stores did have plantains, this was at an average price of nearly 80 cents per piece, or double the average price per piece in February of this year. Limes have also become more expensive. In February a kilo of limes cost on average $3.18, in March the average price was $3.45 per kilo, and this month it increased again to an average of $ 4.10 per kilo. So, the effect of Venezuela’s border closing continues to be felt in the higher prices of these products.


Consumers can download the Price Comparison and the spreadsheet with all prices and information per supermarket from the website. The spreadsheet includes detailed information about the products and prices per supermarket in the Price Comparison, with an overview showing at which supermarket you can find the lowest priced products.


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