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Extreme price differences for hand sanitizers

After an interruption of six months due to the measures concerning the corona virus, the price comparator was restarted. At the restart, the basket of 60 products purchased frequently in connection with Corona was extended with six hygiene products. Extreme price differences were observed in the prices of hand sanitizers.
When buying hand sanitizers, the consumer must pay close attention to extreme price differences. Small packages in particular are often extremely expensive. You will find the cheapest hand sanitizer at Van den Tweel. A liter of Merilo hand sanitizer costs $5.99 there. The Germ X handsanitizer, not even the most expensive, costs $29.45 per liter at Famoso (0.236 liters packaging $6.95).Of the prices in the “classic” basket of 60 products, over 60% were equal or lower than in March. Nearly 40% of the recorded prices were higher. At most supermarkets, soda biscuits, sunflower oil and peanut butter were cheaper than in March. Vegetable oil, white cabbage, rice, beetroot (in jar), apples and sugar became more expensive in most stores. The basket of 60 products became more expensive in some stores, and cheaper in others. Measured across all stores, the total price of the basket remained virtually unchanged.

The Price Comparator shows consumers at a glance which supermarket is the cheapest on Bonaire. In the graph above you can easily see which of the 15 supermarkets are cheaper and which are more expensive. To see which supermarket is cheapest for a specific product, take a look at the total overview under the download button above. The total overview is in an Excel file which also lists each product per supermarket.

The Price Comparator is a collaboration between Unkobon, the Public Entity of Bonaire and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The Price Comparator promotes price awareness among consumers on Bonaire.


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