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2011 prijsvergelijker nov 20

Neat work of neighborhood minimarkets

Consumers visit neighborhood minimarkets not for the low prices but for convenience, or because they have no other choice. The small stores cannot compete on price with their big brothers. However, the price comparator shows that a number of small neighborhood supermarkets are doing much better than you would expect.

Large stores are cheaper than small neighborhood stores. With the purchase of large batches, the costs per product are lower and the larger stores can often work more efficiently. It is therefore quite an achievement that neighborhood minimarkets such as Xu Sheng and Rincon City scored on average with an index of 100 in the November price comparison, and even better for Fruteria Union to score well below 100 with an index of 97. For 44 items Xu Sheng and Rincon City charge prices below the all-supermarkets average, Jia Xing does this for 45 items and Fruteria Union for 48 items. In November the Fruteria even was the cheapest supermarket for young cheese, carrots, bottled water and deodorant.

With the price comparator, consumers can see at a glance which supermarket is cheapest for a basket of 67 products. This does not mean that number 1, Warehouse, has the lowest price for all 67 products. The graph showing the monthly ranking is the result of a calculation in which a ranking (index) is made for each of the products. The supermarket with the best score is the cheapest for the entire basket, but not for each of the 67 products. For example, Warehouse in November is the cheapest for 25 products. For 42 products, the consumer is cheaper off in one of the other 14 supermarkets. Therefore, with his shopping list, a price-conscious consumer looks at the extensive excell overview above to see in which supermarket(s) he can buy the cheapest.


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