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Reboot price comparison Bonaire

After an interruption of two months, consumer organisations Unkobon and FTpKB started again in March to compare the prices of 60 products in 15 supermarkets on a monthly basis. The basket of 60 frequently bought products is the same as in 2019. There has been a change at the participating supermarkets: Zhung Kong and Magic City have been replaced by Kadushi Supermarket at the Kaminda Djabou and Foody Supermarket at the Kaminda Jato Bako. In the ranking of March 2020 these supermarkets score around the average with an index of 100 and 103.

The Corona crisis did not have a noticeable impact on prices in March. Compared to the measurements in December, the prices observed for about half of the products remained unchanged. Prices fell or rose for the other half of the products. This picture does not differ from the comparable period in 2019.
Large price deviations compared to December were in almost all cases caused by the temporary absence of cheaper private label variants of products. On average across all participating supermarkets, the basket was more than 1% cheaper than in December.

With the price comparator, the consumer organizations promote price awareness among consumers on Bonaire. At a glance you can see which supermarket is the cheapest on Bonaire. This does not mean that this is the case for all 60 products in the basket. To see which supermarket is cheapest for a specific product, off March 30th you can look at the total overview published on the website. The total overview is in an excell file which also contains the specifications per supermarket.

Research in 2019 has shown that the price comparator has made an increasing number of consumers more price conscious. Because there are customers who pay attention to prices and complain about high prices, most participating supermarkets have focused their product range on cheaper private brands. In this way, the retailer helps to keep the cost of living as low as possible.


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