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Better use of price comparison is possible

Reactions show that consumers sometimes have misunderstandings about the monthly price comparison of consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Some think that a supermarket that is higher in the ranking is always cheaper than the supermarkets that are lower in the ranking. But that is only true if all 60 products are bought in one store. The ranking shows which supermarket is the cheapest for the complete basket of 60 products. A consumer with a shorter shopping list can be cheaper off in a supermarket that is lower on the ranking.

If you are going shopping, it is therefore advisable to compare your shopping list with the extensive list on the website of Unkobon. And if you do not want to go too far from home, you can compare the stores in your neighborhood.

An example: the three nearest stores in your area are Caribe Nobo, Fruteria Union and Van den Tweel. Looking at the overview of the price comparison, Caribe Nobo is the cheapest and Fruteria Union the most expensive of the three for the basket with 60 products. But you only need 13 products.
Your shopping list includes the following 13 products: flour, white bread,  cornflakes, macaroni, kidneybeans, chicken breast, potato, plantain, batata dushi, carrot, vegetable oil, instant coffee and washing powder. With the detailed list of January you can see that for this shopping list in these three nearest stores the cheapest is the Fruteria Union and the most expensive at Karibe Nobo.
For a shopping list with 13 other products, Karibe Nobo or Van den Tweel can be cheaper again. The price-conscious consumer first compares his own shopping list with the details on

The prices of the package of 60 products rose slightly on average in January compared to December. Warehouse Bonaire is again the cheapest supermarket in January. The difference with number 2 Wing Cheung is getting smaller.


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