Price comparator February 2019

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Solution for extreme price differences needed

Time and again, the monthly price comparator published by consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs shows that the prices of products differ extremely. For more than half of the products, the most expensive variant costs more than twice as much as the cheapest variant and sometimes even more than 5 times as much. The detailed data can be found at

A few examples. Wing Cheung bought cornflakes (Everyday brand) were bought for a kilo price of $2,- and Famoso (Kellogg’s brand) for $15,44 per kilo. The overview shows how the prices of this product and also sweet potatoes, all-season herb mix, and salt can vary greatly per store. Between different brands, but also for exactly the same brand.

Because prices of products in supermarkets can vary considerably per month, it becomes difficult for consumers to determine where they can do their shopping most economically. That was different in 2014 with the BonKompra agreement. For a basket with 36 basic products a maximum price (per kilo, per litre or per piece) was agreed. This maximum price was set on the basis of the lower (benchmark) prices found on Bonaire for the 36 products. All 20 participating supermarkets had to offer at least one brand per product at or below the maximum benchmark price. Supermarkets could choose the brand themselves, as long as it was of good quality.

The agreement worked well, but unfortunately was on a temporary basis. After the elections in 2015, local politicians were not interested in extending BonKompra. Now again for basic products there are undesirable large price differences. The consumer organizations are therefore in favor of reintroducing BonKompra.


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