No price comparator in April

Press release 31 March 2020

The government of Bonaire recently announced a price freeze for a list of 71 products in the supermarket by means of an emergency measure. This is to prevent abuse of the situation created by the coronavirus. As a result of this price freeze by OLB, the consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB, in consultation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, have decided to suspend the Price Comparator Bonaire as long as the emergency measure lasts.

The Bonaire Price Comparator is a project aimed at promoting price awareness among Bonaire’s consumers. The project ended in December 2019, but the Ministry had requested Unkobon and FTpKB to resume the project from March 2020. On 30 March the comparison of prices in the month of March for a basket of 60 frequently purchased products was published.

This list of products used for the Price Comparator is largely the same as the list now used for OLB’s price cap. Officials of the Department of Supervision and Enforcement on Bonaire are currently busy with (entering) the recordings of product prices, which will subsequently be published. Because there is a lot of overlap between the products of the price cap and those of the Price Comparator, the decision has been taken not to make price recordings for the Price Comparator in April.

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