Newsletter October 2020

In this newsletter: autumn meeting of the Federal Council, price comparison restarted with OLB as new partner, office space Unkobon on the Kaya Corona, petrol prices now lower than on Curacao.

You may have missed it already. Due to circumstances the newsletter was not published during the vacation period.

Autumn meeting of the Union Council
2007 nieuwsbrief foto 1Twice a year the Union Council organizes a meeting where all members are welcome. The autumn meeting will take place on November 2nd. In this meeting we will discuss what Unkobon has achieved in 2020. Also the strategic choices for the next 3 years are determined. Afterwards the members can have a chat while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Restart price comparison with OLB as new partner
prijsvergelijker mandUnkobon will start again in October with comparing prices of basic need products. For the Price Comparator the prices will be included in 15 supermarkets. The Price Comparator is published monthly, so customers can do their shopping more consciously.
Six months ago, Unkobon had to stop using the price comparator after the introduction of measures concerning the corona virus. The project is now set up in such a way that it can be modified. The Price Comparator is a collaboration between Unkobon, the Public Entity of Bonaire and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

Unkobon office space at Kaya Corona 30
kantoorUnkobon has been offered office space at Bonaire Office at Kaya Corona #30, opposite Kooijman. Unkobon is very grateful for this offer. Lydia Duijn, one of the union’s contact persons, has declared herself willing to work for Unkobon in addition to her normal activities. You can tell your story at this office between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm if you have a signal / a complaint / or a consumer problem. In addition, members of Unkobon can go there to pay their $15 annual contribution in cash.
You can of course also report your complaint or problem via

Gasoline prices now lower than on Curacao   
2010 benzineprijzenAfter Unkobon had repeatedly drawn attention to the unrealistically high petrol prices on Bonaire, the BC decided to lower the prices in April and July. As of August, the liter prices on Curacao went up again, while they remained the same on Bonaire. As a result, as of September, the prices on Bonaire are lower than the prices on Curacao. Unkobon expects that there will be an increase in prices on Bonaire as well.

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