Newsletter May 2020

In this newsletter: consequences of the corona crisis; contributions; hardly any OLB information on planning roads; price cap decision OLB; petrol prices; planning for the postponed spring meeting of the Union Council.

Corona crisis consequenses
2005 1 As a result of the Corona crisis, social and economic activities on Bonaire came to a standstill in most sectors. Many consumers and businesses were in a state of survival and the government was busy with emergency measures to deal with the worst consequences of the crisis. Unkobon activities were deliberately put on a lower level in order to give the government and companies room to cope with the crisis. At Unkobon, the spring meeting of the Union Council has been postponed and you have not received a newsletter for two months. Fortunately, the measures can now be cautiously relaxed and the Unkobon management is also taking a less cautious approach to the activities. You can read in this newsletter what has simmered in the recent period.

In January, the treasurer sent the membership bills to the members by email. In March, a reminder was sent to members 2005 2who had not yet paid. The board of Unkobon urges the members to actively check if the contribution has been paid and if not, to transfer the contribution to MCBBonaire #406.104.07 stating the number of the contribution note or the membership number. As long as the Something Special shop is closed, you can pay cash to one of the members of the management.

OLB information on renovation roads planning
2005 3In February, Unkobon asked the Executive Council and the Island Council to inform the population in the short term about the content of the four-year plan, the implementation of which started in 2020. Not entirely unexpectedly, this information was not provided. Because the corona crisis demanded a lot of attention from OLB, Unkobon has been cautious with its follow-up action. Members who are interested can view the four-year plan here (Dutch only).

Bonaire price stop decision 2005 4
With an emergency measure, the BC set maximum prices on March 20, 2020 for 71 products (mainly basic foodstuffs and cleaning products). However, the maximum prices have not been published and it is unknown to what extent the measure will be maintained by OLB. The population wonders how it can be seen whether a shopkeeper complies with the emergency measure. In a press release, Unkobon requests publication of the maximum prices.

Petrol prices
2005 5Already in December 2019, Unkobon asked the Executive Council for an explanation of the high petrol prices on Bonaire. In a confidential consultation at the end of February, Unkobon was given an insight into the structure of fuel prices, but it remained unclear why there had been major differences with prices in Curaçao for six months. Because promised information was not forthcoming, in a press release Unkobon called the BC on March 24 to significantly lower gasoline prices by April 1. After Unkobon explained its call a few days later in a meeting with the deputy, the prices of petrol and diesel were sharply reduced as of 3 April 2020.
Although for May there was capacity for further price reductions, OLB did not make use of this. Unkobon continues to advocate for realistic fuel prices. Given the lower purchase prices of Curoil, a reduction as of 1 June is more than justified.


Spring meeting of the Union Council
The spring meeting of the Union Council, which was postponed due to the Corona crisis, will take place on Monday 22 June 2020, 7PM at Hòfi Kultural. Put this in your agenda!

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