In this first 2024 newsletter, Unkobon provides an overview of the progress of the 2024 Annual Plan. Unkobon’s highest priority plans for 2024 are laid out in spearheads.

As its first spearhead, the annual plan lists cooperation with the Tienda pa Konsumidó Boneriano (FTPKB) in three action points: 1. a hotline for reporting price increases, 2. consumer rights education, and 3. exploration of further cooperation. logo FTpKB
The FTPKB took the lead on the joint Facebook hotline for excessive price increases that went online in January. Few reports were received. In April, the CBS consumer price index showed that the feared price spiral had not materialized.
The joint information campaign on consumer rights has yet to begin.
A discussion with FTPK of cooperation in other areas did not lead to results.

vrouwe justitia 1In February, Unkobon had a conversation with the quartermaster legal desk, part of Unkobon’s spearhead low-threshold access to justice. Recently, the quartermaster gave an update. That one was uninformative, so the earlier expectation that this important facility will be realized this year was probably too optimistic.

Unkobon is pursuing more consumer-friendly general terms and conditions at Telbo, among others. Since February, Unkobon has been making attempts to get an appointment with director Gregory Colina. So far without success.

The basic necessities spearhead includes three components: enforcement of maximum prices, project plan for solar panels for low-income households, and creation of a foundation to facilitate credit for home building by lower-income households.
Attempts as of mid-April to talk to the Director of Enforcement and Supervision about enforcement of established maximum prices of the Makutu Basico were unsuccessful.
Making a project plan for solar panel purchase with special attention to thresholds among low-income households has been delayed.
mini kredito huisjeAt the end of April, Unkobon agreed with Commissioner Anjelica Cicilia that Unkobon would draft a starting memorandum on the establishment of a Fundashon Mini Kredito Boneiru. The commissioner promised to use that starting memorandum to advocate in the Netherlands for funding of that foundation. Unfortunately, it was not possible to produce the starting memorandum before June 20, before the BC’s recent visit to the Netherlands. An outside person has recently been hired to write the starting memorandum.

Other activities
In addition to the activities listed in the spearheads, the annual plan also contains a few lower priority intentions.

In consultation with the lawyer, it was decided in April to leave the lawsuit social minimum on the parking roll for now until October. Half of the gap between necessary living expenses and minimum incomes was bridged after July 1 with increases in the minimum wage and benefits. Cost reductions to bridge the other half of the gap have not yet materialized.

Member recruitment actions
Unkobon is trying to hire third parties for membership recruitment actions on social media. A plan of action is now expected in the second half of July. The plan to recruit members at supermarkets has been postponed pending the results of the social media action.

After the summer break, Unkobon hopes to get an appointment with the director of R&O to talk about roads.

It has not yet been possible to give attention to mail delivery.

vacancyThe search for a volunteer to join the board as secretary has still been unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Unkobon has also been looking for some time for a volunteer to take on the position of treasurer within the executive board. In April, treasurer Andy Lepelaars announced that he will be stepping down as a member of the executive board as of July 1. Fortunately, Andy will continue to do the financial administration as long as there is no replacement treasurer.
In addition to these vacancies important to the Executive Board, there are also open seats on the Federal Council, on the Supervisory Board and in the working groups.

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