Consumers want clarity about price stop Bonaire

Press release 12 May 2020
The people have many questions about the price cap that applies on Bonaire.

For a list of 71 products in the supermarket, the government of Bonaire announced a price stop on March 20th by means of an emergency measure. Although the price freeze started more than 7 weeks ago, the maximum prices that apply to the list of 71 products have still not been published. Also, the Bonaire Price Stop Decree 2020 has not been amended to make clear whether the price freeze applies to all supermarkets on Bonaire or only to the 16 supermarkets mentioned in the decree.

Unkobon hears many questions about the measure. Chairman Eric Booi hears that people see different prices in the supermarkets. People wonder how they can see if prices are too high. How do consumers know whether a supermarket is complying with the price stop? People also wonder whether there is any control by the government.

“If a price measure not checked, it has little value.” says the president of Unkobon. It would be good if OLB publishes the maximum prices, so that people can see for themselves whether a supermarket charges too high prices.

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