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Unkobon is an abbreviation of Union di Konsumidó Boneiru, the consumer association (consumer association) of Bonaire. Unkobon is an association that is independent of politics or philosophy of life. Persons aged 18 or over can become members for only $15 per year.
The members of Unkobon elect their representatives to the Federal Council, the highest body of the association. The Federal Council determines the policy in meetings where all members can attend. The Executive Board is responsible for implementation and is assisted by the coordinator. The Supervisory Board controls the management. The activities are performed in working groups. In this way, members who want to can do their bit. All positions within Unkobon are performed by volunteers. Together we stand strong!

Read our bylaws here.

The members of the Ececutive Board are: Herbert Piar. Marianne Grutters en Andy Lepelaars.


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