The consumer desk is there for you

If you have consumer problems with local businesses or the government,
you will get advice here. The advice is free for Unkobon members.

Housing costs: water and electricity

Unkobon works on affordable rates for water and electricity through dialogue
deal with relevant parties such as Water and energy company Bonaire (WEB),
Government Bonaire (OLB) and the ministries of I&W and EZK.

Prices in the supermarket: view the price comparison

With the price comparison you can easily see how much you pay in each supermarket
for a standard basket of 60 different daily groceries.

Housing costs: rent & the rental point system

The introduction of a rental point system will have a moderating effect on rents
of simple houses. Unkobon calls for a rental subsidy system that also applies
for private sector houses.

Prices in the supermarket: BonKompra

By the BonKompra agreement between OLB, the association of Supermarkets and the
consumer organizations on Bonaire in 2014, a basket of 36 products in 18 out of 20
participating supermarkets are on average 24% cheaper. Unkobon wants BonKompra back!

Your support is welcome.

Why become a member of Unkobon?

You don’t want to be alone when you have a problem.
At Unkobon, members combine their knowledge and help each other. Together we are strong!


Savings tips

By buying price consciously, you can save a lot in the supermarket. You can also save on the costs of electricity and water. Discover all saving tips

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The Consumer Counter

As a member of the Unkobon you can get free advice on consumer matters if you have problems with local companies or the government. Discover more at the Consumer Desk.

Your support is important

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What we are also committed to

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Mail delivery

Mail delivery on Bonaire must be drastically improved.
The responsible parties are regularly addressed by Unkobon.

Social Minimum

A realistic social minimum is the foundation upon which poverty reduction policies are built. There is now a benchmark through pressure on the relevant parties

Verkeer & Veiligheid

At the urgent request of our members, Unkobon has been working since mid-2018 on influencing parties responsible for maintenance and improvement of the roads on Bonaire.

Frequently asked questions

Who are we and what do we do?
Unkobon is an abbreviation of Union di Konsumidó Boneiru, the association of consumers of Bonaire or the consumer association of Bonaire. Unkobon is an association that is independent of politics or philosophy. Unkobon is for all residents of Bonaire. Individuals aged 18 or older can join for only $ 15 per year.
Why a Consumers' Association on Bonaire?
The consumer on Bonaire is often alone with companies or government. The customer is often the weaker party, or feels that way. Together, members of the consumer union are stronger.

Many people on Bonaire do not know exactly what they are entitled to as a consumer. The Consumers’ Association provides members with information about their rights.

Unfortunately, the level of legal consumer protection on Bonaire is not what people are used to in the European part of the Netherlands. This makes joining forces even more necessary to strengthen the position of the consumer on this island.

What does Unkobon do?
The Consumers’ Association is working on improving the position of consumers on Bonaire. Companies and government are there for the citizen, for the consumer. The consumer does not always notice this. Unkobon is working on a more customer-friendly approach at companies and government institutions. Preferably through consultation and cooperation, but if necessary with struggle. Unkobon regularly carries out campaigns that help large groups of consumers.

The Association’s work is carried out by volunteers. In this way we make use of the knowledge available in the association. For example, knowledge in the field of legal affairs, technical affairs or financial affairs.

What can Unkobon do for you?
Members who have problems with local companies or with the government are individually helped through our (digital) consumer counter. Think of problems with warranty on purchased products, with leasehold, with (local) taxes, with cutoff of electricity or water, etc.
What can you do for Unkobon?
You already greatly support Unkobon by becoming a member. Members are not required to actively participate in Unkobon’s activities. We have around 300 members in recent years and not everyone is able to participate actively. Unkobon fully understands this. But of course you are very welcome if you want to help other consumers on Bonaire

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