Price comparison: van den Tweel more expensive, Jia Xing cheaper

The prices of a package of 60 products at Supermarket Van den Tweel increased significantly in the month of November. This is shown by the price comparator that consumer organizations FTpKB and Unkobon publish monthly in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. At supermarket Jia Xing, prices fell sharply on average. In the ranking, Jia Xing rose from seventh to third place. Van den Tweel dropped from place four to place eleven. Warehouse remains the cheapest supermarket in the price comparator in November.

Large price changes are often a result of sold out cheaper alternatives. The price comparator looks at the cheapest available variant of a product.
On average, the price of more than 36 products in the 15 stores remained the same as in October. For an average of 12 products prices went up and for a comparable average number of products prices went down.

Sometimes it is not clear why prices in a supermarket change significantly. For example, the price of Goisco toilet paper at Warehouse increased by 33% in the past month from 29 cents to 39 cents per roll. At Van den Tweel the price of 1lb Shur Fine kidney beans increased by almost 50% from 1.49 to 2.19.
The replacement of Coca Cola from Curaçao by Coca Cola from Venezuela caused a price drop of between 30 and 40% at four supermarkets.

The monthly price comparison shows at a glance how the price ratio is between 15 supermarkets on Bonaire. In the 3 most expensive supermarkets, prices average around 30% higher than in the three cheapest supermarkets.

The price-conscious consumer remains alert.


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